Maisie Shine – Dragon Scales


Wow!  I’m back from the dead!  (Otherwise known as the busy season at work.)  No worries, though.  In my “spare time,” I’ve been busy checking out various holiday-season specials and restocks.  There were SO many great deals out there.  I hope you were able to take advantage of a few, or at least convince someone to buy something for you for the holidays.

Whilst shopping, I was able to find one of my biggest lemmings, Dragon Scales from Maisie Shine.  You know when you get a polish and you immediately start cradling it and stroking it and calling it “My Preciousssss”?  (Maybe that’s just me and Gollum.)  In any event, I anticipated this would be one of those.  And yeah, it’s one of those.

Dragon Scales is “a green polish with hints of blue and is littered with gold glitters,” according to the description.  It’s shiny / metallic, although I didn’t have any streaky weird stuff going on like lots of metallics might have.  And the gold glitters…oh my gosh, they’re like nothing else I’ve seen when combined with the green.  It’s a great color combo!

The polish in my bottle was a bit thick, but not as thick as it could have been, given all the goodness that’s packed in there.  Bottom line, I was very satisfied with the application of both the underlying polish and the glitter (no fishing for glitter as far as I’m concerned).

Pictures below are three coats with Seche Vite on top.  Sorry they are no sun photos – in December here, it’s lucky that we see any sun at all!  (Plus for some reason when I think of dragons, I think of a bleak, cloudy, Celtic landscape, so maybe it’s fitting.)

Here's a shot in the "sun," such as it is.

Here’s a shot in the “sun,” such as it is.


Somewhat less sun.

Somewhat less sun.

A bottle shot of MY PRECIOUSSSSS!!!

A bottle shot of MY PRECIOUSSSSS!!!

You can find Maisie Shine on Etsy.  I have multiple polishes by her, and I love them all!


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