Spring 2013 nail preview – an ode to the beach, plus pastels x 1000!


Oh my gosh…both The Crumpet and My Boyfriend Hates Makeup (two of my favorite bloggers, by the way) pointed out this excellent spring nail polish preview from Whale’s Nails:

Nail Polish in 2013

I don’t know where she got all the great info, but there’s two collections each from China Glaze and OPI!  Not to mention the Butter London spring collection and a lot more.

Looks like we’re seeing a lot of nods to the beach (can you even handle that  OPI sand collection?) as well as pastels EVERYWHERE!  Since I can see about 18 inches of snow out my window, I loooove contemplating springtime nails.  Thanks for the post, Whale’s Nails!

Info on Whale’s Nails if you want to follow her:




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