Above The Curve Diablos – swatches and review!


I don’t like to admit that I’m a competitive person, but sometimes my excitement at the thought of winning overcomes any sense of dignity. So, I’ll admit it: a few nights ago, I was on the Facebook page of Above the Curve nail polish, and Angel there was nice enough to have a trivia contest.  The topic was music, and I was fairly confident.  I refreshed, and typed quickly, and refreshed, and typed some more, and sure enough, I won the category!

Of course, in the process, I revealed that I know the band who did Cotton-Eyed Joe.  Knew it right off the top of my head – didn’t even have to think.  (Hey, that’s perfectly cromulent information to keep in my head, isn’t it? Shut up!)

In any event, I was anxious to have a chance to try out my prize – a mini bottle of  Diablos, from the Fallen Angel collection.  Diablos is described as “a beautiful dark reddish brown almost mahogany holographic polish.”  Oh, and it is!



Two coats, with Seche Vite on top.

SO pretty!  It’s got such a pretty holographic finish (but not overly-holographic, if polishes like Nfu Oh 61 aren’t your style).  In my opinion, I thought it was a dark brown with a reddish/purple undertone – sort of a lighter relative of Glitter Gal Belgian Chocolate (of which I’ve only seen pictures).  However, my friend who saw my nails today immediately thought it was mauve!  Diablos is a very changeable color, which makes it interesting and beautiful.


See the holo…love the holo…!!!

Bottom line, if you enjoyed Glitter Gal Belgian Chocolate  but you’re also in the mood for a purplish mauve undertone, you’ll like this polish.  In fact, the whole Fallen Angel line is worth a look, if you like a lot of  holo goodness!

I’m so glad I was introduced to Above the Curve polish – even if I lost my dignity in the process!  LOL!  You can purchase ATC polishes on Etsy or Big Cartel.

Plus, with each polish purchase, ATC makes a donation to Shriner’s Hospital for Children.  What a great idea!


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