Sally Hansen Copper Penny – Adele’s Golden Globes look

Sally Hansen Copper Penny – Adele’s Golden Globes look

I have a very important question: why aren’t more people talking about Adele’s nails at the Golden Globes?  Seriously, I thought they were stunning!  Of course, I always think Adele is stunning.  (Sometimes I like to pretend that I look like Adele. Then I realize that no mortal could be that gorgeous, so I have to check myself a bit.)  I also love her Golden-Globe winning song, which was the title song for Skyfall.

I found lots of conflicting information regarding her manicure.  I even saw a major website claim that she was wearing Man With the Golden Gun from the OPI Skyfall collection, which, clearly no!  Almost all information pointed to Sally Hansen, and it seemed that the most likely suspect was Sally Hansen’s Copper Penny.

Lo and behold, when I saw Copper Penny in the drugstore, it was a match!  Not only that, but I had been eyeing that polish for awhile, so I figured it was a sign.  I took the plunge and got it.

Is she not gorgeous?

Is she not gorgeous? The woman AND the polish!

Photo courtesy of Enamel Girl.

70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Up close.

Photo courtesy of VH1.

I decided to try to recreate Adele’s  manicure at home.  Multiple sources said that underneath Copper Penny, Adele’s manicurist had applied a base coat of Sally Hansen So Much Fawn.  I don’t have that color, and the closest thing I did have Wet n Wild Dreamy Poppy.  Either way, I think that a base coat of pink-coral polish definitely gives Copper Penny a pinkish glow that I didn’t expect, but it’s pretty!

Copper Penny applied like a dream, but I had to be patient with coverage.  What you see here is one coat of Dreamy Poppy and 3-4 thin-medium coats of Copper Penny, believe it or not – and as with most glitters, removal is a real pain, and the pain is compounded with each layer you apply.  (Even the foil removal method didn’t completely work for removal on this one, and it’s always worked for me.)

That said, after I put two coats of Seche Vite on top, it wore like a dream.  No chipping, no molting in big hunks. (Yuck! Hate that!) Also, in regular sunlight, it appears a lot more of a solid glitter than what the pictures show, just like Adele’s.  It’s only up close and personal that you can see the gaps in coverage.

Bottom line, I’m a real sucker for copper, so I’m glad I’ve got this in my arsenal!  If you like blingy copper, it’s a no-brainer for your polish collection.

Sally Hansen can be found at most drugstores, Target, Wal-Mart, etc.  I couldn’t find any information on whether this will be in their permanent collection or not, so you may want to pick it up now if you really really like it.  Wear it the next time you’re belting out “Skyfall” in the shower!  (What, is that just me?)


Bluish light.


Warmer light.

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