May 22 is now Polish Pals Day!


Perhaps this is beyond my authority, but…I’m declaring today Polish Pals Day across the entire universe!  It’s my polish pal Katie P’s birthday, so I wanted to give a shout out to all the polish pals out there.

What is a polish pal?  It’s a friend who doesn’t just tolerate your nail polish obsession, but actually encourages it! Whenever I’m looking for new polish ideas or trying to decide which parts of a collection to buy (answer: all of them!) or which brands are the best (answer: all of them!), Katie P’s always there to compare notes!

What are some traits of a polish pal?  Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the potential for epic swaps so great that you squee every time you get a package in the mail with their return address?
  • When you’re in the middle of a polish display and can’t decide what to get, do you call/text this person?
  • When you say you have 200 polishes, is their response “Why don’t you have more – lack of shelf space?”
  • Was your most contentious debate regarding how to store and organize polish?

If so, you might have a polish pal!

In Katie’s honor, I’m wearing OPI I Eat Mainely Lobster (which is where Katie lives and it’s coral, which Katie loves).  The accent nail is  Glitzology Cruella (because we both love Glitzology and puppies, and it was a gift from her).



So – who are your polish pals?  Give a shout out to them in comments!  And also, please wish Katie P a super happy birthday!


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