Lawn gnome nail art


Hellooooo!  I finally did a bit of nail art the other day.  Inspired by these cookies I saw on Pinterest, I decided to paint a little lawn gnome on my thumb.  Here ’tis:

What a cutie!

What a cutie!

I’m not all about my lawn (thankfully, my dad cuts my lawn because he’s into that stuff and he’s super generous).   However, I’m all about cute & tacky, so thumbs up to Mr. Gnome!

For the base color behind the design (and the color on the rest of my nails), I used E.L.F. Nude, which I actually like as a “Band Aid But Better” color on me.  I’m always after a perfect nude color, so I’ll be revisiting that one!  It applies fairly smoothly, although it required three coats.

Mr. Gnome was made out of China Glaze Salsa (my favorite red!), Fingerpaints Paper Mache (my favorite white!), Rescue Beauty Lounge Concrete Jungle (my favorite grey!), Wet n Wild Black Creme (my favorite…oh, you get the picture!), and Sally Hansen Grass Slipper, with an outline of a Stripe-Rite black striper.  I used some nail tape to get the triangular design, and I had to be really careful with the striper to maintain the lines.  I did OK, but I think I may try black acrylic next time.

Also, this is the first time I tried Out the Door as a topcoat for nail art, and…bad bad bad!  It started to streak all the colors together.  I had to actually repaint some of the nude background.  I only used Out the Door because I ran out of Seche – it’s OK for regular polish, but it’s not gonna happen again with nail art!!  LOL!!

Hope you like it!


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