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The joys of Ninja Polish 100% Colombian…plus mystery bags! [image heavy]


I haven’t disappeared!  Seriously!  I resolved not to blog unless I was inspired and it didn’t make my life unduly complicated.  Turns out inspiration only strikes periodically…and time to blog is even rarer.  Ha!

In any event, I finally found a reason to blog.  A few months back, I posted on the Cuticle Pusher Facebook page that I wished with all my might that I could find Ninja Polish’s 100% Colombian.  Sadly, Ninja Polish had gone out of business awhile back. (They were a great source not only for lots of indie and semi-indie polish brands, but her own polish line was GREAT.)  I stalked eBay and Makeup Alley to no avail.  And no one on FB had any leads, although they had a few good suggestions for similar polishes.  However, it just wasn’t the same!!

Then, like a bolt out of the blue, Ninja was back!  She said that she was offering mystery bags, and she did have Ninja Polish products available.  I decided to take a chance and order an Indie Mystery Bag.  In the comments, I mentioned that I would be super pleased if a bottle of 100% Colombian fell into my bag.  And lo and behold, I got it!!

Did I love it?

Does a nail blogger love rhetorical questions??

Of course I loved it. I’m a big fan of deep browns and multichrome.  Thing is, this completely surpassed my expectations.  I tried to get pictures of all the various facets of this polish, but it’s basically impossible.  You’ll see what I mean from the pictures (which don’t even do it justice).

Here’s the particulars: this is a thin formula.  One coat is not enough.  Two coats look magical.  Three coats looks otherwordly.  (I actually used four coats here because I needed to fix some painting errors, but three coats gives the same effect.)  It was definitely easy to work with – smooth, and medium-to-fast drying. The base is a dark coffee brown base, with shimmer that shifts from red to gold to green.  The shifting can be strong during the most unexpected times (like while driving!).

Here’s a few pictures.  I’m wearing a base of Orly Bonder and topcoat of Seche Vite:




This is direct sunlight.  Shift a bit, and…gold!



Try it in indoor light, and…get a glimpse of red!



Here’s the weirdest shift, though.  I’d been trying for most of the week to get a shot of the green shift in this polish.  I swear, there were times I thought I was wearing an olive green.  The full green shift mostly happened during cloudy days.  Well, we got a cloudy day, and here’s the best I could do.  (Please ignore the tip wear – it’s been on for at least five days now!):


































It’s almost a completely different polish!

This polish is definitely my cup of tea (or coffee), and one of my biggest lemming scores ever. So, if you’re into happy surprises, I’d highly recommend ordering one of Ninja Polish’s mystery bags!  She has all sorts of options.  Here’s what I got in the rest of my bag:



L to R: Pretty Serious Gargoyle Ganache, Dandy Nails Eager Eyes, Serum No. 5 Sunset Flare, and Femme Fatale Maddening Whispers.  All but Pretty Polish are new brands for me!  It’s like she was reading my mind!  I’m really looking forward to playing with these pretties. Getting these polishes was definitely a pick-me-up from the winter doldrums.

You can order your own mystery bag from the Ninja Polish website.


Maisie Shine – Dragon Scales


Wow!  I’m back from the dead!  (Otherwise known as the busy season at work.)  No worries, though.  In my “spare time,” I’ve been busy checking out various holiday-season specials and restocks.  There were SO many great deals out there.  I hope you were able to take advantage of a few, or at least convince someone to buy something for you for the holidays.

Whilst shopping, I was able to find one of my biggest lemmings, Dragon Scales from Maisie Shine.  You know when you get a polish and you immediately start cradling it and stroking it and calling it “My Preciousssss”?  (Maybe that’s just me and Gollum.)  In any event, I anticipated this would be one of those.  And yeah, it’s one of those.

Dragon Scales is “a green polish with hints of blue and is littered with gold glitters,” according to the description.  It’s shiny / metallic, although I didn’t have any streaky weird stuff going on like lots of metallics might have.  And the gold glitters…oh my gosh, they’re like nothing else I’ve seen when combined with the green.  It’s a great color combo!

The polish in my bottle was a bit thick, but not as thick as it could have been, given all the goodness that’s packed in there.  Bottom line, I was very satisfied with the application of both the underlying polish and the glitter (no fishing for glitter as far as I’m concerned).

Pictures below are three coats with Seche Vite on top.  Sorry they are no sun photos – in December here, it’s lucky that we see any sun at all!  (Plus for some reason when I think of dragons, I think of a bleak, cloudy, Celtic landscape, so maybe it’s fitting.)

Here's a shot in the "sun," such as it is.

Here’s a shot in the “sun,” such as it is.


Somewhat less sun.

Somewhat less sun.

A bottle shot of MY PRECIOUSSSSS!!!

A bottle shot of MY PRECIOUSSSSS!!!

You can find Maisie Shine on Etsy.  I have multiple polishes by her, and I love them all!

Dollish Polish Does Barry Manilow know you raid his wardrobe?


My first review!  Yay!

So, Polish Fixation had an amazing blog sale.  (I think it’s still going on, if there’s anything I didn’t buy.)  I snagged a lot of great stuff, but I was probably most excited about picking up Dollish Polish Does Barry Manilow know you raid his wardrobe?  For those not familiar with The Breakfast Club, you might not get the reference.  But i sure did, as quick as you can say “brownie hound.”

Not only do I love the name, but I thought I’d love the polish too.  And I was right! On to the swatch:

This polish has a metallic pewter/gunmetal base with small silver glitter, large black hex glitter, and large silver hex glitter.  It’s a fairly thin base that applies easily, and the glitter was fairly well distributed after it was mixed a bit.  I was afraid that the base wouldn’t go opaque – I really liked the color, so I hoped I wouldn’t need anything under it.  Luckily, it went opaque in three coats.  The effect reminds me of those plastic garage floor covering kits with the glitter included.  🙂

I’m definitely glad I picked this one up.  I wonder if they’ll let me use it when I’m in after-school detention with the Princess and the Brain?