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Quick Tuesday Post – China Glaze Stone Cold

Quick Tuesday Post – China Glaze Stone Cold

Now that September is staring us in the face, I’ve been jonesing for darker “fall” nails. I’ve had China Glaze Stone Cold (from the Hunger Games collection) sitting around untried forever. Even though it didn’t look that great in the bottle (it looked a little thin and dark), I figured I’d give it a quick try to see if I liked it.

Y’all, I don’t know why I was so slow to get on the bandwagon for this one. I LOVE this polish! Seriously, the formula was great – a bit on the thick side, but workable. It dries lighter than the color in the bottle, and it dries into a pretty gorgeous matte finish. It reminds me if pencil lead!

I couldn’t wait to share, so this is a cell phone picture. Check it out:


It’s just what I was in the mood for! This is two coats, Orly Bonder underneath, and no topcoat. I was tempted to do some silver stamping on top, but I decided against it today. I’ll try it sometime though!

Have you tried this one? Thoughts?


Man Glaze Mink Mitten – swatches and review (NSFW language?)


It’s a new year, and I have some blogging to do!  This time around, it’s about a polish from one of my favorite nail polish companies.  However, you’ve got to take my word for it that I’m not trying to throw out a bunch of double entendres.  It’s just that with this brand, it’s impossible, because their name is a double entendre. (If you don’t know, don’t ask.)

I’ve tried to start this post a million times.  Cases in point:

  • So, I’ve decided to try some ManGlaze for my first manicure of the new year.  (Not good.)
  • Have any of you gotten your hands on ManGlaze yet? (Even worse.)
  • Let’s talk about ManGlaze!  (No thanks…)

See what I mean?  At this point, I could be talking about my great aunt’s apple pie and you’d be snickering.  (Also, eww.)  Obvs, this company has its fans and detractors.  Me, I kinda like their attitude – I mean, who doesn’t like a company that won’t let you enter their website until you affirm that you’re not an asshole?  (Seriously.  Not kidding. You have to answer the question.)  But even more importantly, I’ve loved their polish from the first time I laid eyes on it.  According to their website, they focus on matte nail polish because they “figured a matte finish would really appeal to guys and really cool chicks.”  Guess I’m a cool chick?  I don’t know, I just like it.

I also like the formula – it’s on the thickish side because it’s packed with pigment, but it’s still easy to work with.  And the packaging!  Nothing like it.  How these dudes come up with label ideas is beyond me.

Oddly enough, the polish I’m swatching today is probably their shiniest, “girliest” polish, Mink Mitten.  Described as a “Metallic Plurpleder Matte,” it’s actually fairly shiny because it’s metallic – almost lovely, although that adjective probably wouldn’t please the creators.  It comes in two labels, and I chose the Chicago Rat War one, because why not?  (I lived in Chicago awhile, and I was unaware of a rat war, but perhaps I was not watching the news at the time.)

On to the swatches:


Don’t you love how the rat is going to eat my ring finger? Classic!

This is sans topcoat, 2 coats on most nails (3 on the pointer, because I had a polish denting mishap).


This is with Seche Vite.   There was some obvious shrinkage (shut up), but it didn’t change the look too much.  With most ManGlaze polishes, the look changes entirely with a shiny topcoat.  In this case, I’m glad I did a topcoat, just so I can protect it.


Bottle shot!


My friends are quite pretty, thank you. Ha ha!













You can purchase ManGlaze from their website or from  They also have a Facebook shop that occasionally works, and sometimes they’ll run sales.  Their customer service can’t be beat, either!

Have you tried ManGlaze?  (Shut up.)  If so, comment!