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Movember nails (with Zoya Harley and Jinx)

Movember nails (with Zoya Harley and Jinx)

First, I want to thank all of you for your suggestions in my blogiversary giveaway post!

Some of you asked me for tutorials/nail art ideas.  Although I’m no nail art expert (and I’m even worse at tutorials!), I thought I would share for you something really simple that I did recently for Movember.  (Hey, if my husband can grow out all of his facial hair in November, I can at least paint my nails with a mustache, right?)

This is based on a tutorial by cutepolish, who makes just about the BEST video tutorials out there!

First, I painted my nails in a neutral color – in this case, Zoya Harley, which is a light/medium grey polish with a hint of shimmer.  Then I decided to use Zoya Jinx for the mustache because – well, aren’t reddish brown mustaches cute?  I love both of these polishes – they apply like a dream, they dry well, and they’re just generally friendly to work with.  NOTE: I had to use two coats of Harley because it’s a bit sheer, but the end effect is lovely.  (I generally use at least two coats for most polishes anyway.)

I used a dotting tool to make a few big dots to mark the center of the mustache, then smaller dots for the outer points of the mustache.


Then, I used the dotting tool to carefully connect the dots, making the middle of the mustache thick and the ends of the mustache pointy.


I finished with Seche Vite.

Hope you like the design, and I hope you check out the rest of cutepolish‘s tutorials.  They’re really great!

Happy Movember!



Zoya Storm / Glitzology Robots in Love


Hello all!  I’ve been SO excited to try the two polishes I’ve got for you in this post.  They’re Zoya Storm and Glitzology Robots in Love.  Zoya you’ve probably heard of, but Glitzology?  Let me explain!

I’ve been following Glitzology since she opened last fall.  Somehow, I’ve accumulated about half of her collection!  One reason is the sensational glitterbombs she creates – seriously, there’s nothing like them.  Another reason is that she runs a LOT of 50% off sales.  I’ve taken advantage of two of them since she’s opened.  And since her bottles are pretty reasonably priced anyway, her sales are quite a deal!  I plan to do a full post on her stuff sometime soon, but for now, this taste of her polishes will have to do.

Back to the mani below: in theory, I’m a big fan of black polishes.  I think they look mega-chic, even work appropriate in certain settings.  In practice, I don’t find them very practical.  For some reason, I just can’t stand chipping / wear in black polishes like I can in other dark polishes.  I want them to be flawless, and that lasts for about 3 hours with me.  Maybe if I could do a black gel polish that’s super-durable, I’d rock black polish for longer because it would last.

As for Zoya Storm: Zoya definitely created a black polish that looks fresher than the standard black polish.  The added bit of glitter is a really nice touch.  Unfortunately, I had some problems with application.  I used my normal base coat (Orly Bonder), but the Zoya polish was a bit thick & draggy unlike most Zoya polishes, and it didn’t level out as quickly as I expected it to.  For me though, the end result was worth working with the polish.

Since I’ve really wanted to break into my Glitzology stash, I decided to pair Storm with Glitzology’s Robots in Love.  I love that it has so many different types of silver holographic glitter including squares, hexes, shreds, diamonds, and hearts.  Plus the name is super cute!  I only bought a mini bottle to try, but it was PACKED with glitter (as you can see from the photos).  I applied it too thickly on my ring finger, so I tried again on my pointer and ended up with two “accent” fingers, lol!  I found the polish to be pretty thick even when I was trying to do a light coat, but in this case, it was packed with goodness, so I’m happy with the result.

These pictures are three coats of Storm, and one (!!) coat of Robots in Love, topped with Seche Vite.


Bottle shot.

Bottle shot.



The Storm nails look like a shiny granite countertop, and the RIL nails look like they’re a granite countertop iced over.  Unfortunately, this mani lasted literally 12 hours before the Storm nails started chipping, but I enjoyed every second of it!

What do you think?  Have you tried Zoya Storm or any of the Glitzology polishes?  Let me know in comments!


I’m back! Plus Valentine’s Mani


What?  Have I fallen off the face of the planet?  Sorry about that!  Life has taken a few bad turns in the Pusher household, but things are gradually getting less hectic.  In fact, things were so hectic that my nails were naked for over a week!   YIKES!  Thanks to all of you who have stuck around in my absence!

I have a few good posts coming up soon, but in the meantime, I thought I’d show you my Valentine’s mani.  On a whim, I picked up some Pure Ice Splash at Wal-Mart, and I felt I needed to try it.  (Splash seemed to stand out amongst the disheveled Pure Ice display.  Oh local Wal-Mart, if you’d organize things, I might be buying more from you…)  The formula was OK but thin – I needed four coats.

The Splash pale blue made me think of adding a bright pink, so I made a little heart with Revlon Guava (75% off at the recent CVS clearance!).  The heart’s border is Zoya Song, which I picked up in the recent Zoya sale.  BOY do I want to do a full mani with Song .  Even though I don’t usually go for royal blues, this one just knocked my socks off!

The design is free-handed, just done on a whim (like you can’t tell!).  As usual, it’s topped off with a layer of Seche Vite.

This was a nice little pick-me-up design to make me smile after a heckuva few weeks!  Hope you like it!


Zoya Charla and LeaLaC stamping plate #5

Zoya Charla and LeaLaC stamping plate #5

So…how about that Zoya sale!  Did you make an order? I took the opportunity to finally order Zoya Charla.  I know, right? I’ve been hearing about it forever, and somehow I haven’t picked it up before now.

Usually I would find flimsy excuses not to wear a blue like this for one reason or the other.  It’s definitely not your average beige!  However, I found this polish to be much more muted than I thought it would be.  That’s not to say that the color isn’t absolutely gorgeous.  I think I just expected a color like this to make people grab my hands and go “what is THAT??”  However, it’s  unusual and yet it’s also not in-your-face (even though it’s from a summer collection where you’d expect brights, or even neons).  I like that!

I also like that the color changes depending on the lighting.  I find that Zoya is really good about making polishes (especially metallics and glass-flecked ones) that have lots of different looks in the same polish.

Of course, I couldn’t leave well enough alone, so I also used my LeaLaC plate #5 to give my nails a little flair.  Charla makes me think of the sea, so I decided to add a few sea creatures to keep me company.  Unfortunately, one of my greatest fears is jellyfish, so my thumb is freaking me out a bit.  🙂

By the way, if you haven’t picked up any stamping plates from Llarowe, unfortunately they’re sold out for now.  But I highly recommend them!  I have plate 5 and also plate 4 (the zodiac one), and both were really easy for me to use (moreso than other plates).  They seem to be deep enough to make an easy stamp, yet detailed enough to make a pretty picture.  If Llarowe restocks her plates, check them out!

I used two coats of Zoya Charla, with Wet N Wild Metallica as the stamping polish and a coat of Seche Vite to top it off.  Swatches below:


See how the indirect light makes it turn darker?

See how the indirect light makes it turn darker?





Feel free to share your Zoya purchases in the comments!