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Movember nails (with Zoya Harley and Jinx)

Movember nails (with Zoya Harley and Jinx)

First, I want to thank all of you for your suggestions in my blogiversary giveaway post!

Some of you asked me for tutorials/nail art ideas.  Although I’m no nail art expert (and I’m even worse at tutorials!), I thought I would share for you something really simple that I did recently for Movember.  (Hey, if my husband can grow out all of his facial hair in November, I can at least paint my nails with a mustache, right?)

This is based on a tutorial by cutepolish, who makes just about the BEST video tutorials out there!

First, I painted my nails in a neutral color – in this case, Zoya Harley, which is a light/medium grey polish with a hint of shimmer.  Then I decided to use Zoya Jinx for the mustache because – well, aren’t reddish brown mustaches cute?  I love both of these polishes – they apply like a dream, they dry well, and they’re just generally friendly to work with.  NOTE: I had to use two coats of Harley because it’s a bit sheer, but the end effect is lovely.  (I generally use at least two coats for most polishes anyway.)

I used a dotting tool to make a few big dots to mark the center of the mustache, then smaller dots for the outer points of the mustache.


Then, I used the dotting tool to carefully connect the dots, making the middle of the mustache thick and the ends of the mustache pointy.


I finished with Seche Vite.

Hope you like the design, and I hope you check out the rest of cutepolish‘s tutorials.  They’re really great!

Happy Movember!



LynB Designs – Thor’s Hammer: Swatches and Review


It’s been quite the sci fi weekend for me!  With the premiere of Star Trek and the season finale of Dr. Who, I was in nerd heaven.  I’d say more about both events, but I have too many thoughts & questions…and since I don’t know who has & hasn’t seen them (or even who cares), I’ll shut up about them.  As River Song would say, “Spoilers!”

In honor of this sci fi weekend, I decided to try my new bottle of Thor’s Hammer from LynBDesigns.  (I assume you know Thor’s place in sci fi from his own movie and/or the Avengers.  If not, go see one or both!)  I have a number of LynB polishes thanks to her frequent awesome sales, which can be 40-50% off sometimes.  Plus, her polish ideas are always so innovative – and the names are awesome!

According to Lyn’s blog, Thor’s Hammer is ” a clear based glitter that has brown, copper holo, and gold holo glitters that are fine cut. Small silver holo squares, and small silver hexes.”  To me, it gives the effect of hot cocoa mix plus snowflakes!  (And yeah, it’s spring here and that’s not a seasonal image, but it’s the first thing that came to mind.  If anyone’s reading this in the Southern Hemisphere, enjoy the imagery.)

Unfortunately, Thor’s Hammer is limited edition polish, and it appears not to be currently stocked in the LynB Etsy shop.  I was able to get my hands on a bottle when I answered a trivia question she put up on her Facebook page earlier this month, and her generous prize to me was Thor’s Hammer plus one other polish.  (It was donated by a fellow LynB enthusiast, Becky, who I can’t thank enough either!)  I couldn’t have been more thrilled, because this glitter is right up my alley!

On to the pictures:



This was two coats of Thor’s Hammer over two coats of Zoya Jinx (which I loooooove too – maybe I’ll post more on that one later). I topped it with one coat of Seche.

Application was stellar!  I had no problem getting all the different sizes of glitter out of the bottle with minimal fishing, and the underlying base didn’t clump or get sticky, nor was it too runny to hold the glitter.

I’m super happy with this polish, and I’ll be wearing this look again!  Thanks, Lyn!