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Lawn gnome nail art


Hellooooo!  I finally did a bit of nail art the other day.  Inspired by these cookies I saw on Pinterest, I decided to paint a little lawn gnome on my thumb.  Here ’tis:

What a cutie!

What a cutie!

I’m not all about my lawn (thankfully, my dad cuts my lawn because he’s into that stuff and he’s super generous).   However, I’m all about cute & tacky, so thumbs up to Mr. Gnome!

For the base color behind the design (and the color on the rest of my nails), I used E.L.F. Nude, which I actually like as a “Band Aid But Better” color on me.  I’m always after a perfect nude color, so I’ll be revisiting that one!  It applies fairly smoothly, although it required three coats.

Mr. Gnome was made out of China Glaze Salsa (my favorite red!), Fingerpaints Paper Mache (my favorite white!), Rescue Beauty Lounge Concrete Jungle (my favorite grey!), Wet n Wild Black Creme (my favorite…oh, you get the picture!), and Sally Hansen Grass Slipper, with an outline of a Stripe-Rite black striper.  I used some nail tape to get the triangular design, and I had to be really careful with the striper to maintain the lines.  I did OK, but I think I may try black acrylic next time.

Also, this is the first time I tried Out the Door as a topcoat for nail art, and…bad bad bad!  It started to streak all the colors together.  I had to actually repaint some of the nude background.  I only used Out the Door because I ran out of Seche – it’s OK for regular polish, but it’s not gonna happen again with nail art!!  LOL!!

Hope you like it!


Spring 2013 nail preview – an ode to the beach, plus pastels x 1000!


Oh my gosh…both The Crumpet and My Boyfriend Hates Makeup (two of my favorite bloggers, by the way) pointed out this excellent spring nail polish preview from Whale’s Nails:

Nail Polish in 2013

I don’t know where she got all the great info, but there’s two collections each from China Glaze and OPI!  Not to mention the Butter London spring collection and a lot more.

Looks like we’re seeing a lot of nods to the beach (can you even handle that  OPI sand collection?) as well as pastels EVERYWHERE!  Since I can see about 18 inches of snow out my window, I loooove contemplating springtime nails.  Thanks for the post, Whale’s Nails!

Info on Whale’s Nails if you want to follow her:



Christmas 2012 – Zoya Electra & China Glaze Ruby Pumps (of course!)


First, let me say THANKS to all who are reading my new blog!  I’m super-psyched about what the new year will bring for my little corner of the nail blogosphere, if I keep this up…

Second – OK, so I’m not the biggest Christmas fan.  I’ll cop to that up front.  I know, I know, Christmas makes a lot of people happy, and I certainly don’t want to rain on their parades.  But you’re talking to a gal who actually was picked to read the part of the Grinch in elementary school, so, you know, everyone sort of saw it coming…

Wow – I AM a big holiday bummer!  Switching gears…

A really cool thing about this time of year (and basically all of winter) is OMG THE SPARKLES!  Blinging out your nails is almost expected.  So, I guess there are two schools of thought: either bling out to the nth degree, or don’t overdo the bling, because it’s cliche.  I can see the wisdom of either approach.  However, since I’m basically a walking, talking, sequined tube top even at the best of times, I’ve gotta go with the sparkles when I get a chance.

I’ve also got to go with the classics.  I’ve seen some really, really great holiday nail art in funky colors this year, but this is pretty much the only time that I get to bust out the China Glaze Ruby Pumps.  Yep, it’s a cliche too, but it’s legendary for a reason.  In fact, China Glaze, in their infinite wisdom, has picked up on the popularity of this color and even sells itty bitty cheap bottles of it so that even the non-nail aficionados will get hooked, perhaps due to a tiny stocking stuffer from an elf in the know.  So if you’re trying to get other people hooked into your nail polish obsession, pick up a few tiny bottles and share the love.

To add to the sparkle of Ruby Pumps, I added Zoya Electra from the Zoya Ornate collection.  If you’re into nail art, I love the idea of using this as snow, icicles, or Santa’s coat’s white fur trim.  If you just like sparkly – WOW, is this packed with sparkly!  I’m really glad that I picked this up when the Zoya fairies were running some specials in November-December.  (Side note: if you’re not following Zoya on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, do it now!  You never know when the fairies will strike!) I’ll probably use Electra again this winter, maybe even for a full mani – it’s got really great coverage, and I love both the application and the overall effect.

Other tidbits: Santa’s belt is Wet N Wild black cream.  Also I put a random Sinful Colors white creme polish under the Electra in case the coverage wasn’t too great, but I probably didn’t need to because it’s packed with glitter.  This mani is two coats, plus Seche Vite on top (which seemed to smooth out the glitter nicely).

[NOTE: Please excuse the cuticles – it’s that special time of year, when cold air + heated rooms = aaack!]

I know, it’s suuuuper traditional, and not at all imaginative.  But still, this design is the type that’s guaranteed to get approval from Great Aunt Hattie while I’m dishing out the eggnog.  Plus, this manicure meant that people took pity on me and did lots of the Christmas cooking and cleaning so I didn’t ruin my nails.  (Wait – did I say that?)

I hope you’re all having a great holiday season.  I wish you safe travels, happy gatherings with the people you love, and all the nail polish you wish for!