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Quick Tuesday Post – SOPI Happy Earth-Day To Me


Since the line is being discontinued, the prices on Sephora by OPI just keep dropping! I’ve gotten quite a few SOPIs, and I’ve had pretty good results with the ones I’ve tried, although that’s not a universal opinion in the nail polish world. (As if there was such a thing!) I’ve found SOPIs to have a good formula, good coverage, and REALLY good resistance to chipping – probably the best I’ve seen (with Orly Bonder underneath and Seche Vite as a topper). So in general, I’m a fan!

It’s therefore surprising that I’m a bit less than enthusiastic about SOPI Happy Earth Day To Me. I’d read excellent things about the color, but it was a bit darker than the glowing olive green I expected. It’s still a pretty, rich color though! The formula was on the thick side, although I tried to keep the coats as thin as possible. The initial coat is very streaky, but 2-3 coats offers fair coverage. Coverage was a bit uneven around my side nail edges because I was having trouble working with the wide brush. Again, this is weird, because I’ve never had trouble with a SOPI brush – they’re narrower than regular OPI brushes! Maybe I’m having an off day, or maybe the dark color shows my painting technique’s shortcomings, lol!

This IS a nice addition for anyone who would like an olive/army green. The picture below is 2-3 coats with Seche Vite on top:


My verdict: if you can get it cheap (from the Sephora site or in Sephora stores) pick up this addition to your polish collection. If not, there’s no need to search the earth to find Earth Day!

What do you think?